Standing up for Bridgend

A former Welsh Woman of the Year winner, Karen has a national track record of campaigning for disability rights.

Having established new ways of enabling disabled students to get the education and opportunities they deserve, she has been a strong, effective voice for thousands of students and young people for the last twenty years in S Wales. Committed to volunteering, Karen has mentored teachers and community groups in Rwanda for five years and has seen at first hand the importance of international trade and development both abroad and at home. She has also worked with Welsh military veterans and those returning with Mental Health issues and is a former Army Reservist.

In the referendum last year, Karen voted 'Leave' as did the majority of constituents in Bridgend (54.6% voted leave compared to a national result of 51.9%) and now Article 50 has been triggered she is keen to see the job completed, both for the UK and for Bridgend, with the competence that only Theresa May’s government can deliver. Eleven days after polling day, negotiations regarding Brexit start in Europe. We cannot risk a chaotic and confused Corbyn at the negotiating table representing the UK’s interests. By voting for Karen on June 8th, you can ensure that Bridgend's voice is heard loud and clear within the negotiations.

Karen is ideally placed to stand up for local residents and work with Theresa May to make sure that local residents get the best deal from the Brexit negotiations.

Karen is committed to listening to residents and prioritising what matters to them. Attracting investment, encouraging companies to re-locate and pushing for better transport and broadband links are key priorities. Karen believes in team work and will work in partnership with residents, elected representatives and local organisations to deliver real change for Bridgend.

Securing Bridgend’s economy

"Encouraging more businesses to grow, develop, and relocate to here is key for the local economy. Securing more jobs and working to make sure Ford remains a part of our local economy is key to our future."

As your local MP, the area’s economy will be Karen’s main priority.

Supporting local businesses

“I want to make sure that our local businesses and traders get the level of support they need so that Bridgend and Porthcawl can thrive.”

Theresa May’s Government has increased small business support to help all businesses with a value of less than £15,000. Welsh Labour refuse to help our local businesses here in Wales.

Karen is fighting to make sure local Bridgend businesses get the same amount of support as those across the border.

Opening up Bridgend Town Centre

Talking to Sir Eric Pickles on the importance of town centre planning for local businesses and residents.